October 24, 2016

Chapter Resolution Guidelines

The Annual Leadership Forum or ALF occurs each spring. Chapter leaders and Executive Directors attend the ALF. I am the Chapter Forum Management Committee Representative for District 8. It is my job to support pediatricians to submit written resolutions to address pediatric issues and track them throughout the process. The purpose of resolutions are to provide a formal mechanism whereby the members of the Academy can give input concerning Academy policy and activities. It is important to remember that adopted resolutions are advisory to the Board.

What makes a “good” resolution?

  • An effective resolution defines as specifically as possible the action to be taken by the AAP
  • Each resolution must contain a “Resolved”  which stand alone and requests action by the Academy.
  • Resolutions should be limited to one page, have no more than 4 “Whereas” clauses and no more than two resolves.


Individual members of the AAP may write a resolution. If you are passionate about a particular idea or topic that you feel should be a priority for the National AAP, then please consider submitting a resolution.   Please see the “Guidelines for Submitting Resolutions, Writing and Submitting a Resolution – A Step by Step Guide”, and the latest resolution template accessible via links below to get you started. These resources are also available on the ALF main page accessible via the My AAP website, where you will also find a searchable database of past resolutions. Resolutions should have new ideas not previously considered or discussed at Annual Leadership Forum (ALF).


The deadline to submit resolutions for consideration during the regular business session at the ALF is midnight CST (10pm PST) on November 15, 2016.  In advance of that deadline, please send your resolutions to myself,  and I can help with sponsorship consideration and submission to the ALF.

In advance of ALF, the CFMC reviews all the submitted resolutions. Those resolutions felt to be without controversy are placed on a consent calendar and go straight to the voting session.

At ALF, resolutions not on the consent calendar are discussed. They may be amended or possibly combined. Ultimately, the resolutions are voted on to determine if they should be adopted. All adopted resolutions receive a formal response from the AAP with the top 10 resolutions going directly to the AAP Board of Directors. The top 10 resolutions are considered advisory to the board and are not binding. District 8 is consistently the source of many great resolutions.

Good luck!! I look forward to assisting you with the process.

Tom Patterson, MD, FAAP

Chapter Forum Membership Committee.

Resolution Links

Guidelines, Tips, and Template

Resolution Samples


The submission deadline for 2017 resolutions is November 15, 2016.
Any resolution submitted after that point will be considered “late.”